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New installation price:
US$ 49 per script!
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For CGI/perl customization and custom scripting requests click here.

Low cost, secure CGI/Perl/PHP/ASP Script Installations

We install almost every CGI/Perl/PHP/ASP script for US$ 49.
(discounts may apply for multiple script installations)

Why so low?
We don't overcharge clients for something that usually takes not more than 1 hour. We are doing script installations professionally since 2000, the experience (and pain!! :)) we gained through this time with all types of scripts and servers helps us to get the job done efficiently and keep our working time as low as possible. Also we use reliable and secure credit card merchant, 2checkout, who handles the complete transaction for us and saves us a lot time and money.

Why so secure?
Security is very important for us and we know for our clients too. Thats why we don't just drop the scripts in and leave. We mind your specific server environment when creating folders and files, upload files and set file permissions according to the authors documentation.
Further we will NEVER store your server access details on our server or PC, client data will be deleted from the harddisk as soon as the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Some statistics:
- over 800+ satisfied customers
- over 40% repeating customers
- on average we perform 1.8 script installations per client

Get your scripts installed within 48 hours:

1. Find your favourite scripts

Search for the scipts you need at the major script directories like Hotscripts, CGI-Resources and The Perl Archive.

2. Request an Installation Quote

Script Name and Script Homepage/Demo URL:
(one per line, example:
WebAdverts http://www.awsd.com/scripts
Account Manager http://www.cgiscriptcenter.com
and so on...)

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

3. Secure Ordering Process

Before you proceed through secure ordering, make sure you read and agree to our terms.
Click here to get additional information regarding modification and customization of Perl/CGI scripts.

For a better understanding we separated the ordering process into three simple and transparent steps:

Step A:
Send us an email with the script name(s) you want us to install and the URLs where the scripts can be found. We will return with a quote code and a secure online order link via email within 24 hours.

Step B:
Proceed through secure credit card or paypal payment.

Step C:
Finalise your order by entering your name and email address in the confirmation form along with your server access details (ftp, mysql etc.)

Thats it! The script will be installed within 48 h.

(Please make sure you have a quote code, otherwise we are not able to process the order)


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