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New installation price:
US$ 49 per script!
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 Welcome to Webfresh.com


We install Perl/CGI scripts on your server for a low flat fee of USD $19 each payable by credit card on a secure order form.

The price quoted for a script installation includes the following:

1. Configuration of the paths, URL's, and the URI's necessary to make the script functional.
2. Creation of necessary directories and files.
3. Uploading of the script to the client's server.
4. Setting the script and server permissions.
5. Testing to insure a successful installation.
6. We will send an email with the instructions on how to access your script.

Please note that the fee covers only the installation of the script and not the price for the script itself. Some scripts are shareware or commercial. If the script is only commercially available, you would have to buy it on its respective homepage and send it to us via E-Mail attachment before we can install it.

The script will be installed in it's "out-of-the-box" format "as-is". Any modifications or customizations are additional and not included in the installation fee. See this page for additional information regarding modificatons and customizations.

If the script does not work on clients server, the money will be refunded only if clients server meets all hardware and software requirements to run the script.
Please make sure your server fulfills all requirements to run the script before ordering installation.

The client has a total of 1 week to review and test the script installation. Any problems found after this period will fall under billable time.

Editing of programming code by the client is not recommended. Any time required to repair edits falls under billable time. If you do edit code, make a backup first!

Additions or edits requested by the client different than the original agreement will require additional fees.

All information provided to us by the client will be handled strictly confidential and will not be given to any third party. The information will be deleted from harddisk immediatley after the installation is completed.


The cost is a flat fee of USD $19. It is payable by credit card. The transaction is handled through a secure order form.

The transaction is handled by Clickbank. You'll be given a unique ticket number. Finalise your order by entering this ticket number and your E-Mail address in the confirmation form and your order will be usually ready within 24 hours. You will be informed by E-Mail.

Webfresh will not have access to any of your credit card information. All the information we will have access to are your name and ticket number. Transactions are handled through Clickbank.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to E-Mail us at : info@webfresh.com.

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